About me

Being a lawyer by profession, over analysis and cross questioning are second nature to me. To deal with my crazy profession and the piling pounds, I started working out around 8 years back, and I love every minute of it. Running, I discovered around 3.5 years back, and it has not stopped. Travelling and running are usually what I like to go hand in hand, and just recently I have starting doing this “mini runcations” (where I register for a run and explore the place I am running at the same time).

I am a voracious reader and I devour books like there is no tomorrow (often to escape reality – I must admit and to travel to new destinations whilst I read).

I started journaling about 2 years back (first chronicling my memories about holidays), and gradually, journaling every day.  I obsess and ruminate all the time about everything under the sun, and have now slowly started translating those thoughts to paper. Putting things on paper for me also memorializes for me the event, the book, and the experience and very often gives me so much perspective.

Nature, adventure, and out of the box things are my “pick me ups”. The idea behind my blog is to create memories, express myself and hopefully transport you to new places, take you on a different journeys, and experiences through my writing.

Hope you enjoy it. 



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